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APHoMSA Strategy 2022-2026

Our Vision

To promote safe, secure shipping and a clean maritime environment within the Asia-Pacific region

Download APHoMSA Strategy 2022-2026 (PDF)

Five pillars of APHoMSA Regional Cooperation Protecting the Marine Environment Safety at Sea, including Seafarer Welfare Maritime Incident Response Women in Maritime

Our Goals

  • Increase regional cooperation on maritime issues
  • Provide a regional voice on matters of mutual interest at the relevant international and regional organizations
  • Develop a coordinated approach to technical cooperation activities
  • Implement a coordinated approach towards achieving SDG5 Gender Equality in the maritime sector
  • Strengthen regional marine environment protection arrangements
  • Build regional marine pollution prevention capabilities (implementation and enforcement)
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships
  • Improve safety of shipping
  • Ensure seafarers’ living and working conditions meet international standards
  • Strengthen regional cooperation for emergency response, including SAR and preparedness and response to marine pollution
  • Encourage members to fully implement IMO liability and compensation Conventions for marine pollution incidents
  • Increase visibility and leadership of women in the maritime sector
  • Recognise the contribution of women in the maritime sector
  • Identify and address barriers to women’s equal participation in the maritime community

Our Approaches

Identify and promote equal capacity building opportunities by:

  • Maintaining a consolidated list of technical cooperation activities planned by Member States and Observer organizations to
    • Inform Member States of capacity building opportunities in the region
    • Assist agencies and organisations delivering capacity building activities to identify partner agencies to support existing regional activities
    • Facilitate access to activities for women in the maritime sector in the region
  • Identifying and sharing regional expertise

Build capacity of member states and enhance collaboration of national authorities in responding to:

  • Future maritime trends by ensuring coordination and active participation in developing new technologies and implementing test-beds and full scale projects
  • Maritime incidents through collaborative programmes, for example joint exercise, sharing of best practices and expertise
  • Climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships

Provide a regular forum to:

  • Exchange information on emerging regional trends, potential risks, and progress on gender equity and equality
  • Exchange information on emerging regional trends, potential risks, and progress on gender equity and equality
  • Foster person-to-person links between maritime agencies in the Asia-Pacific region

Encourage intersessional engagement by:

  • Developing agreements among national authorities and regional organisations
  • Establishing correspondence groups to explore solutions to key issues and report to Members
  • Support professional women in maritime associations

Establish links with other relevant international and regional organisations by:

  • Maintaining APHoMSA’s standing invitations to specialist maritime organisations as observers at APHoMSA forums
  • Meeting annually and undertaking intersessional work as required
  • Submitting papers to the IMO and other fora
  • Sharing information/expertise with these organisations, as required